Volume 7

Mikah: I just moved to Manhattan a few months ago so I’ve been spending a lot of my time walking around the Upper East Side, especially exploring restaurants and coffee shops. Predictable, but I love spending time with friends and family, especially when there are small children (my nieces and nephew in particular, and also all of my friends’ babies) involved. I’ve been out of my routine lately, but I do like baking challah with fun stuffings - my favorites that I’ve done were cookie dough Challah and the wonderfully un-Kosher cheeseburger Challah. Ultimately, I truly love nothing more than a night on my couch with Chipotle and “Top Chef” reruns. 

Mikah: I’m not sure where the specific name Spuds came from, but I do know the origin of the love of potatoes. Our mom’s rule growing up was that if you didn’t like what she was making for dinner, you could make your own. (She’s a fantastic cook so it was more to deal with kids being kids than the actual quality of the food.) Ben only knew how to make baked potatoes, so that’s what he made himself several nights a week. I didn’t have a nickname growing up (other than name derivations - Mikes, things of that like), but my nieces and nephew call me ‘Ikah’ so most of my family has taken to using that. 

Mikah: I hear that Frozen is a major inspiration for all of the guys - honestly I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a
“Let It Go” Cover.

Mikah: I’ve told Ben many times that I want Goose to cover “Buy You A Drank” like ElephantProof does. I’d also take Beyoncé
any day.


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