Volume 8

I’ll be the queen so the most likely would have to be Empress. As much as I love "Madhuvan," I’m bitter that it’s the reason I lost our JOTY bet this year and have to buy Michael dinner, so we’d have to leave that one out. Michael says that his most likely is "Hot Tea" and he doesn’t know his least likely, so we’re going to say he seconds my answer.

I was at 95%, until I posted the picture of my "Not 100% Sold on Goose" shirt and the internet tried to convince me that I should be 100% sold. They’re the ones who got me there. Thanks, fam.

It’s actually really great until I remember that I have the exact same sense of humor as my dad and then I die a little inside.

He’s gotten much more adventurous with his potatoes since he was in high school. The classic was butter (both inside the potato and underneath the skin) and a generous topping of shredded mozzarella - all preceded by a lactaid (we love Ashkenazi Jewish stomach genes). 


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