Keeping our Horizons Bright: The Legacy of
Goedde Sound & Light 

with Paula J. Meyer

written by Lisa Governa

How will we be remembered? What do we want to be known for? Be it a bloodline, a tradition, a business, or simply aligning with a purpose that stirs our soul, humans have an innate desire to leave their mark on this world. 

As a follow up to our interview with her daughter Marta, we talked with Paula J Meyer — philanthropist, 10 year national triathlete, co-owner of GSL, and founder of the #InspireLegacy movement — about the origins of her family’s legacy. 

Goedde family, Legend Valley June 2021;
Photo Credit: Goedde Sound & Light 

Paula was born in New Albany, Indiana with one older sister. “We moved to the Indianapolis Suburb of Greenwood, IN. My father was a real estate developer and investor. We lived on a horse farm and my family raised Arabian horses as a hobby.”

It was important to Paula’s parents that she and her sister were encouraged to pursue their interests. “My sister’s #1 gift was voice and theater. I too loved voice and theater, but since I was younger, I decided to focus mainly on athletics and then music to avoid any sibling rivalry. I made Varsity Volleyball my first try-out, I was Treasurer of my class all four years, and the President of the school my senior year."

Paula’s legacy lives on at her high school where her impact was a lasting one. “My school did not have a pool, so I had to pursue my swimming at the Baxter YMCA. My platform as the President of my school was to drown-proof our community. My cabinet helped me solicit petitions to present to the School Board to build a pool at our High School. We accomplished my goal of building a pool!” During her 44 year tenure as a swimming coach, she made certain one of her meets was against her alma mater at the pool she was responsible for building.

Paula spent a lot of time in and on the water growing up. “My parents loved boating, and we had two boats on Lake Monroe in Bloomington, IN. We spent our summer weekends on our houseboat and ski boat. During the winters, we were in the Fort Myers, FL area where my parents owned a second home and Jefferson Yacht. My parents were non-resident members of Useppa Island, a barrier island West of Pine Island and North of Captiva Island. As a family, we spent many years on Useppa Island living on the Jefferson at the island’s marina. When my parents passed away, I purchased a home to carry out their legacy. This is when I began the #InspireLegacy movement.”

Paula named her cottage on Useppa ‘Inspire Legacy’ in honor of her late parents. She founded the movement to promote families to instill and carry-on family traditions. “My parents blessed our family with so many traditions. I had such a wonderful childhood! My only hope was to create the same for my children… One of our #InspireLegacy traditions is to go out to Useppa Island the week of Thanksgiving via a yacht to celebrate both of my parents who died in the same week in 2015. My dad’s birthday was November 27th, and every year he flew the entire family down to do this trip."

Music has also been a big part of the Meyer-Goedde traditions. “Dad always had front row tickets for us to see so many great artists, so following the Pizza in the Park Festival, I took the children to see the Broadway musical Beautiful, the Story of Carole King — one of my all-time favorites. It truly is a beautiful story. We all CRIED….King is the epitome of one of the greatest artists.” Paula always encouraged her children to pursue their interests, just as her parents did for her and her sister.

“As a Junior Board member of the Indianapolis Symphony, I helped with the Symphony Petting Zoo. I would take the children with me, often. The girls fell in love with the violin. My neighbor from Germany taught violin, so it was very easy for them to take lessons. They started when they were three and five years old. When Andrew was old enough, he picked up the drums! I started a garage band for the neighborhood… My father loved finding instruments to add in. He grew up playing the E Flat Saxophone!”

Little did she know Paula was fostering the infancy of what would evolve into Goedde Sound and Light. “Eventually, as the children grew older, Marta picked up guitar and voice. Andrew and Marta decided to build a recording studio in one of our walk-in closets. They placed a camera and microphone to communicate out to Andrew’s recording console. We recorded many high school artists.” 

Pictured Left: Marta, Paula & Andrew after the Broadway Show “Beautiful”
Pictured Right: Andrew at TCU Amphitheater after whistling to “Goedde” aka “Yeti"            

Photo Credit (photos above and below): Goedde Sound & Light 

Phase one of business began in 2017-2018 when Andrew and Marta were in college. “Andrew came to me and asked if I could buy some speakers and wash lights to help out the artists who we previously recorded and were still performing. I agreed, and it took off from there.”

Andrew and Marta put together a business plan and they moved to phase two. “We established our name as Goedde Productions, LLC and later created DBA (doing business as) Goedde Sound and Light, LLC. I have been the sole investor throughout.” Business insider tip: A DBA is essentially an alias that aids branding. It helps consumers understand exactly what services are provided and what the business wants to be known for. In this instance, it’s epic sound and light.

Now that they were official, Paula sent Andrew to Denver to study under Luke Stratton, former Lighting Director for Dopapod. Luke is the artist who developed the lighting board and is highly regarded in the jam scene. Having Luke as a mentor was a game changer for the growth of the business.

Phase three began when GSL began streaming during the pandemic. “We had already been doing video and drone video. This is Marta’s expertise. During the pandemic, the three of us met to use the pandemic to strategize. On March 3, 2020, I texted Marta and Andrew, ‘We need to start using drive-in theaters to run concerts.’ They had no clue what a drive-in was! They thought I was crazy. I contacted Goose and suggested the same. At the end of the day, GSL and Goose all made money using Drive-in theaters!”

In October 2021, phase four began with the addition of logistics. “Andrew and Marta came to me about the problems Goose was having leasing trucks to get their equipment around. We researched buying a box truck. We created another business plan and decided we could break even in less than two years. So, I purchased a 26’ Mack Truck. It is in its own company called MG Legacy Group. MG stands for Meyer and Goedde.”

The Meyer-Goedde family built this business, their legacy, from the ground up. Now Paula works hard to continue to foster and protect it. “I have shared my many years of business management to guide and advise Marta and Andrew. I also handle legal, insurance, and provide the financial capital for the company. The company is set up in my trust and divided equally amongst the three children. Marta and Andrew have been contributing equity each month. Marta handles the business management and Andrew handles equipment management for GSL.”

Paula has masterfully balanced her role as mom and co-owner of a business with her children. “I grew up with parents who had a business together, so I am so proud that my children and I are working together. I have pointed out to them they wear two hats. Their GSL hat and their Sibling hat! There is a fine line in-between.”

Now Paula gets to share the legacy with her grandchildren! “I have so many amazing memories from many shows. Each summer, I bring my oldest daughter and my grandchildren to Legend Valley. They live in Delaware just north of Columbus. My grandson, Vincent, who will be four on May 1st, absolutely LOVES Goose. The band has been so sweet to Vincent when he visits Legend Valley. I sincerely appreciate their kindness for Vincent. At the age of two, Vincent learned each of their names and what instrument they played. He and I love to watch the streams together. When I visit, he always says, Grandma let’s watch the Goose band!” 

Pictured Left: Marta running a camera at Mohegan Sun for the TAB Goose Tour. The camera was bigger than her!"
Pictured Right: "One of our #InspireLegacy traditions is to go out to Useppa Island (my home) the week of Thanksgiving via a yacht to celebrate both of my parents who died in the same week in 2015. My dad’s birthday was 11/27 and every year he flew the entire family down to do this trip."  (Marta, Sally the GSP, Alexis, Michael (son in law) Janie (Andrew’s GF) and Andrew. Marta’s BF could not attend bd he is in Med school)

Her granddaughter, Anastasia, who will turn two in March, loves music too. Paula can’t wait to introduce her youngest grandchild, two month old John, to the music scene.

Here are Paula’s favorite Goose songs:

1. "Arcadia"

2. "Wysteria Lane"

3. "Hungersite"

4. "Yeti" - I like this song because at one of the Ohio venues — I believe Scully’s Music Diner — the band used Goedde instead of Yeti and then invited Andrew up to whistle. He did this again at our hometown venue TCU Amphitheater in White River State Park.  

“Music is all about a story and defines each artist. It’s intriguing to meet all of these artists to understand how they came to become a musician.”

Paula’s quote perfectly describes what we strive to achieve here at The el Goose Times — provide context for the community to gain a deeper appreciation for the artists and crew we love so much. Thank you to Goose, Goedde Sound and Light, and Paula J Meyer for this incredible legacy. We are honored to document the journey.

Pictured Above: "My FAVORITE of Marta and Andrew. It is not easy being in business with your sibling!"


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