Goose Fan Family Highlight
The Lange Family

Family has always been an important aspect of the Goose community and in this edition of El Goslings, we wanted to highlight one of the many Goose families within our community and listen their stories. This Volume’s highlight is the Lange family from Nebraska!

Pictured Above: The Lange family (From Left to Right - Morgan, Araya Sunshine (4), Lane (10), Juniper (7) and Kevin Lange.

Photo provided by the Lange family.

Kevin: “A few years ago I was working construction and got hurt, which forced me to be a stay-at-home Dad to 3 while Morgan worked full time. In 2019, Morgan got into to UNL, so she was a full-time student, in addition to working full-time. While she was doing that I started doing art for extra money, a lot of paintings and some resin pieces. I got turned on to Goose by finding the Pizza in the Park video. I was hooked pretty quick, the ideas were flowing and my notebook started filling up with ideas for pins and stickers as well as show posters all for Goose. They’re what I listened to constantly for months and the kids started noticing certain songs. 

Obviously, Time To Flee was one of the first that stuck out for the “See You Later Alligator” line and “Honeybee” always seemed to get them moving more than others - we ended up using Honeybee for the middle name of our 8 month old Golden Lab. My kids have been to Summercamp, in addition to seeing Phish and many other bands multiple times, but there’s a vibe to Goose that makes my youngest Araya Sunshine dance every time she comes close to me and the speakers while I’m doing my art. She’s WAY into it, she does spins and grooves like the headiest mama out there on tour, those moves are coming from the soul. Then we told them we were going to Eau Claire to see Goose and every time we got in the car it was ‘are we going to Goose?’

Anytime we saw a bandshell they thought we’re at the Goose show. It crushed them when I told them they weren’t coming along due to a change of plans, they still are bummed and it comes up often. With that in mind we are already planning on making shows with the kids this summer, they’ll have a blast and I’m already stocking up to vend as well as have a print for each show I get to, and with me vending it’d be a great chill spot for the kids out of the sun. Plan is me doing runs and getting the whole family to shows closer to our home.

Their favorite show is Sculpture Park shows because they can see their mom and dad in the crowd in the videos a bunch. They love those sculptures and have spotted them in a Barbie cartoon episode, paused it to show me even. The other day my kid fell and scuffed his knee, he already did the same thing a few days prior and as I was fixing him up he starts telling me he named his scabs. He went on to tell me all of the names of Goose as his scabs names, he forgot Jeff but I helped him out.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kevin! If you’d like your family featured on a future edition of El Goslings, please let us know. The el Goose Times loves highlighting the next generation of fans, as we believe the next generation is just as important as we are – as they’ll ultimately carry on the music and community that we love so much. 


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We just love the band and community that much.

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