Recipe #7: "She's My Honeybee" Pancakes

with special guest Kathy Kerkes

For this recipe, I wanted to do a different kind of collaboration. We have a member of our community, some might call her "The Queen Bee" she's someone just like me. Of course, I am talking about the one and only Kathy Kerkes.

Last Summer, I reached out to Kathy and told her I had a great idea for a recipe using her honey. She graciously sent me some along with some of her homemade hot honey and one of those little honey scoop things (ya know the little ball on the stick deal.)

Anyway, this recipe originates from a place in the world that could definitely use some good vibes, maybe a pancake or two and definitely some Goose in their lives. No matter your views on war, it effects a lot of families. So let's not point fingers (unless they are in the air looking for an extra ticket) let's just send some love to the people who's lives are being effected by something they have no control over.

Photo by Rick Gallego

I came across this concept in my time as a farm to table chef at a high end brunch restaurant. It was originally for a multilayered cake with very thin layers but I wanted to make awesome pancakes. Pancakes so good you could eat them on the ceiling and flip them off the wall. And I was also looking for something different. Because of its origins (and because it makes more sense), this recipe uses metric measurements. But,  I know for a fact that you all have a scale in your house somewhere, so clean it off (or don't) and use it because it really will make a huge difference!


170g Honey
445g AP Flour
100g Brown Sugar
2 tsp Baking Powder
3 ea Eggs
650ml Buttermilk
¼ tsp Salt
1 tsp Vanilla
1 pt Sour Cream
4-8 oz VT Maple Syrup


Mix all of the ingredients together except the sour cream and the 4-8oz maple syrup. Let the ingredients rest for a few while you make your sour cream/maple syrup mixture. You may even have an extra minute for a rainstick solo. Mix your sour cream with 4oz maple syrup to start, make sure it's incorporated well and taste it. You might want more, use your judgment here.

Next, get your NON-STICK pan (yes, the slippery grey one) on medium heat and spray it with some pan spray. You can use butter but unless you clarify it, it's just going to burn and you're going to need an awful lot of it. Place a ladle full of the batter in the pan and make sure to swirl it around to get all edges of the pan covered. Big thin pancakes are the goal here, to represent the cake a little bit. After you've made about 726 of these bad bois make some stacks and then drizzle your sour cream mixture and some honey over them. It you want to make it extra heady you can spinkle some Bee pollen on them as well. After a stack of these you'll be ready to fall asleep in a bamboo tree.

I want to give a huge thank you to Kathy for her delicious honey and for being the inspiration to share this recipe. If you're interested, maybe you could slide into her DM's like it's Shakedown St. and see if you can score some deals...that is if she isn't riding off into the sunset on her steel horse! 


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