TED’s FRED Fest Camping Hacks

  1. Omelet in a bag. Take a zip lock bag and add your scrambled eggs (from your old ketchup bottle) cheese and whatever other goodies you want and throw the whole bag in some simmering water. Pull it out and check it once in a while, once you see there is no more runny eggs in the bag - your omelet is done! We'd recommend using sturdy resealable freezer bags, like Ziploc ones made with low-density polyethylene.

  2. Baked Apple Treats. Take 2 slices of apple (about ⅓ in. thick) put caramel chips, chocolate chips or just about anything else you can think of between them. Wrap them in foil and thrown them in your campfire for about 5 minutes. Your apples might turn a little brown on your trip but honestly it doesn’t matter and once they are cooked, you’ll never know the difference anyway.

  3. Scrambled Eggs or Pancakes to-go! Take an old (clean) ketchup or coffee creamer bottle and fill it with eggs that you have already scrambled or pancake batter that you’ve made before your trip. Give it a good shake and pour it in your pan. No mess!

  4. Frito Tacos. Get some small bags of Fritos and give them 1 or 2 good crunches in your hands. Fill them with your meat (or impossible meat), cheese, veggies, sour cream, salsa or whatever your little Rosewood Heart desires and eat them right out of the bag. But be careful, your hands might get hotter than Peter’s when he’s ripping up an Earthling or Alien clav solo!

  5. Have a jar of peanut butter that is almost empty? Cut some celery sticks, put those bad boys right in the jar and reseal it. This can be used as a healthy, protein packed snack you can walk around with at the festival!

  6. Can’t live without your morning coffee? Get some coffee filters and throw some coffee in them (whole beans or ground should work fine). Tie it up with some string or dental floss and boil away. Taste occasionally until you reach your desired strength.

  7. S’mores in an ice cream cone. Get some mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, fill the cones up and wrap them in foil. Throw those things on the fire for about 5 minutes, unwrap and enjoy.

  8. Put your salt and pepper in old Tic Tac containers or a clean contact lens case. It should be more than enough seasoning for a weekend of camping.

  9. To keep your food cool, we suggest using Block Ice. While it’s not always easily available, Google is our friend - search ‘block ice near me’ to find a place that sells them and call a few days ahead of time to ensure it’ll be ready. Alternatively, fill a plastic container with water and leave it in your freezer for a few days prior to leaving.

  10. Crack a couple of glow-sticks and throw them in your cooler. It will light everything up so that you don't need to use your phone flashlight to see what tasty beverages await you inside - or risk dropping your phone in a cooler full of water!

1 package of Pita or Flatbread
Scrambled Eggs
Shredded Cheese or jar of queso dip
Bacon or Ham or Sausage
Roasted Red Pepper (or fresh that can be roasted over the campfire)
Fresh Tomato
Any other fresh, seasonal veggies you can think of!


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We just love the band and community that much.

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