No. 3 - Fred the Festival

Fred the Festival. I am not sure what my emotions are telling me…is it: "It’s about time" or "I can't believe this happening"? The idea of Fred the Festival hits close to home growing up using adjectives, adverbs, normal verbs such as Fred, Ted, Ed, Zed, Ned and everything between. 

There was no doubt in my mind that some variation of these musicians would become a national sensation and Fred the Festival really solidifies this. The real question I have is how is it going to hold up against some of the OG classics such as Zweb Fest, Bonnarusso, the SPAC house, Jones Jam, SILF Fest, Ridgefest and any others that I may have forgotten. 

However, this festival has some real potential! Not only is Fred the Festival hosting the return of Vasudo and Ben Atkind’s Elephant Proof - there’s also four sets of Goose; ripe for epic sit-ins, mind-blowing moments, all time hits, record makers. All of the power players will be in town and the grid has been forewarned about the energy that is about to be supplied. This will be one for the record books!! 

Get so ready for tour by soaking yourself in the hits such as "Pachamama " "Turbulence and the Night Rays" "Your Song" and countless other Vasudo songs-turned-Goose , some Vasudo songs never heard before, and the classic covers we all love. Remember to tie up your shoes - HAPPY FRED!! STAY TED!!!


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We just love the band and community that much.

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