No. 5 - Jess and Mike

I love summer tour.  I also love spring tour, heck I love fall and winter tour. 
I just love tour as I assume much of yourselves do as well.  

Some people think we’re crazy, seeing the same band over and over again - and that’s fine, they might be right.  Sometimes I feel somewhat embarrassed when people ask me my show count and I try to just leave it simple with “over 100”. Getting to Show # 100 is a lot of fun.  

For me, it was this tiny little club called Sprout Music Collective in PA on 9/6/2018.  Naturally, i am very biased toward this show, but if you have not already, I highly suggest you check this show out ASAP - I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The entire first set is just a straight heater, with the second set just as hot.  This venue was great and it was packed to the brim. Many people I knew, many I did not - but because of these people I keep coming back.  

Within the Goose community there are not many people that have achieved 100 shows (yet).  Off the top of my head, I can only think of two others besides myself (Greg and Bruce).  At the beginning of second set, Rick gave a shout out to me for 100 which was awesome, but it was overlooked with a shout-out to two people for it being their 50th show. These people are now some of my greatest friends.  Sure, it might have taken me 20 shows to finally remember their names, but that's besides the point.  

These people are crazy, given the amount of distance they have traveled for Goose.  (I told you some people are right when they call us crazy!)  But all jokes aside, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was ecstatic to rage their 100th show with them this June.  I always circle back to how much I love the people and the fans in this community (the music is OK), but if there is anyone else that's always So Ready For Tour its these two!  

Congrats Jess and Mike! This ones for you!


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We just love the band and community that much.

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