No. 1 - Tennessee 

With multiple shows announced in various regions, one would assume everyone is So Ready for Tour in one way or another. I, for sure, had initially only planned on hitting Charleston and both New Haven shows. But, then it hit me right around the middle of April - I was nowhere near Ready. Why? 

It occurred to me that the last time Goose went to Tennessee was back in October of 2015 for the Creatures of the Night Festival in Adams, TN. At the time, I said to myself, “There is no way I’m going to miss the first-time Goose plays a festival!”  I booked the flights to Nashville to make it happen....well, I missed the first two flights - the first due to being late (thanks to Uber) and the second because I fell asleep at the gate.

This is all irrelevant as I made the 3rd flight and had super flawless pickup by 2 sprinter vans being driven by Coach and Tweekz.  This was our setup for the week. We arrive all pumped up to be going to artist parking, remember, this is 2015 and new for everyone, it was a pretty big deal for all of us. 

I can’t recall who actually played Thursday but due to financial issues going on between the event promoters, any band that was booked for Friday or Saturday pulled out or were nixed. In addition, anyone that had not enter the grounds was not being allowed entry, regardless of their ticket status - but if you had already entered, you had no issues and could stay all weekend.  Our crew looked at this as an opportunity to gain more exposure. We decided to stay and managed to get Goose 2 prime time sets for the people that were still in attendance for Friday and Saturday night. 

(Pictured above: Creatures of the Night Pre-Party at  the Acoustic, October 2015; Photo Credit - Rus So)

Pictured above: Creatures of the Night festival stage; Photo credit - Festival Facebook page

Pictured above: Creatures of the Night festival grounds; Photo Credit - Rus So

Flash forward 5 years, Goose is heading back to Tennessee - and they are coming in hot! It wasn’t until I was looking back on this experience until I realized I was nowhere close to being ready for tour.  How could I possibly miss this? I couldn’t.  So, as any sane Goose fan would do, I decided I too was making my return to TN.  Started floating the idea around, and then piece by piece I had re-routed 2 flights, and my ticket is now punched. I am now So Ready for Tour! Can’t wait to see all your great faces out on the road this spring and summer!


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