Goosemas Interview

Danny McDonald
Video Producer/Videographer
Goedde Sound & Light

written by Jon Caruso

Pictured Above: Danny McDonald and Coach on the side of the stage during a Goose show
(Photo Credit: Goedde Sound & Light)

Here at The el Goose Times, as we reflect upon Goose’s stellar year thus far - three successful tours, their first-ever festival and a movie (to be released later this month) - one characteristic that continues to leave a huge impression on fans, new and old alike, is the world-class quality of their livestreams/videos and soundboards. This is largely in thanks to the wizards at Goedde Sound & Light, which have been involved with Goose’s live productions since February 2018. 

From my own studies and experience in cinematography, I’ve always admired and appreciated how videographers can maneuver across the stage and deciding on-the-fly what highlights to capture - using engaging camera angles and unique perspectives to effectively draw the audience in. It’s extremely impressive when taking into context live shows, which are unpredictable, un-choreographed and fleeting, essentially giving videographers one chance to catch each moment. 

In this volume, as a follow-up to our interview with Sam Bardani, we wanted to talk to someone on the other side of production, Danny McDonald - a key member within the Goedde Sound & Light video production crew. 

Tell us about your background in videography and experience working with Goedde Sound & Light. (shout out to Andrew, Marta and the Goedde family!)  Have you always had a passion for video production? 

My Background in videography started back in high school when I got into shooting and editing video for shows, festivals, camping trips, etc.

When I started working with GSL [ed: Goedde Sound & Light] back in 2017, we got more into multi-cam productions and bought our first gimbal - which saw many years of use and practice before retiring shortly after Bingo Tour. 

Before any given show, has anyone in the band asked you to try and get specific shots? Are you given freedom to experiment with new techniques and camera angles/perspectives? It takes a really good eye to know what shots to get at the right moments, completely on the fly – we give you major props! 

I am given a lot of freedom in terms of angles/perspectives which is a lot of fun for me. Specific shots usually come during soundcheck when I have some time to set my rig up and see the stage space and layout, but Peter will ask me to try new key shots recently as his setup has evolved. I also have our director and stage manager, Jon “Coach” Lombardi talking to me through a comm system that goes directly to my in-ear mix. 

How has the video production equipment evolved over time, as the band continues to grow?

It’s evolved quite a bit since we began touring with all the video gear. We recently upgraded all of our cameras to Panasonic BGH1 box cameras. All are powered and controlled over ethernet and transmit feed over SDI. This is a huge advantage for us, considering we used to have to convert all of our old cameras from HDMI to SDI. My wireless rig has also evolved. It consists of the new DJI RS2 gimbal, a BGH1 with a 24-70 zoom lens and zoom control, a Blackmagic Video assist monitor, and a Teradek Bolt wireless video transmitter that sends my feed to the switcher. Marta and I also recently designed and built a videoworld console with every component rack mounted into a 45’x30’ road case that makes our setup much more efficient. 

From a video production perspective, how does a special event like Goosemas differ from a regular Goose show? Is there typically a lot more planning involved?

Goosemas is definitely different from a regular production. I’d say more planning goes into the lighting aspect of goosemas but capturing the video is just as important. While I cant discuss too many secrets about the setup this year, it is definitely one you aren't going to want to miss!

Again, one of the first things that a lot of new Goose fans notice is the production being absolutely top notch and above the quality of their peers. It’s a testament to the hard work and passion that you and the team at Goedde Sound & Light bring to every Goose show. Thank you for your time and Happy Goosemas!


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